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Galaxy ran to him, raised its face and asked, “Meow, do you need my help, Zian?”

“It would be even better if Galaxy could help,” smiled Zhang Zian.

Facing Old Time Tea and Richard, he read the instructions set by the game.

“Young Ye Wen’s Foshan Wing Chun Kung Fu cat, invisible!”

“Dr. Irene Pepperberg’s love bird, invisible!”

Seeing the sign of the Amazing Fate Pet Shop, Little Celery cheerfully pointed to the sign, “This is the pet shop that I’ve been talking about where the pets can speak. Don’t be scared!”

Yi Le stretched his neck and narrowed his eyes, trying to identify the sign pointed by Little Celery, but he could only identify the characters vaguely in the night.

He had been spending a lot of time in playing games, so his vision became a little blurred. Sometimes he had difficulty seeing the characters in the classroom-of course, he didn’t think it was his problem; it must be the teachers who had written the characters too small. So, he often raised his voice and said that, on behalf of all the students sitting in the back rows, he demanded the teachers to write the characters larger. His reasons seemed justifiable, and the teachers could do nothing but do what he required. Other naughty boys in his class admired him for it, so he became more complacent. Even when he could indeed see the characters, he would pretend he couldn’t so that he could embarrass even more teachers.

Yi Le thought the pet shop looked familiar. His family had bought a car, that they shared with others, recently and his mom had been driving him to school. He hadn’t walked on this street for quite a while.

He tried hard to think of the time he had seen the pet shop, but it was in vain. He sneered, “Let me tell you a secret, nothing can scare me!”

As they got closer, the soft rays in the pet shop could be seen through the glass door.

Yi Le had been thinking about the exciting fighting and chasing in the Arena of Valor. He needed to get home early so that he could use his dad’s QQ account to log into the game to get around the anti-addiction system designed for minors that played the game. Suddenly, he stepped on a small rock, almost injuring his ankle, and he quickly grabbed onto the shoulder of a boy near him to prevent himself from falling.

“F**k! Get out of my way!” A little bit embarrassed, Yi Le angrily kicked at the small rock!

His kick was so hard that the small rock headed directly towards the glass door of the pet shop.

“F**k! I’m in trouble again! Run!” Yi Le assumed that the glass door would shatter into pieces and he escaped quickly. He must not be caught, otherwise the owner would tell his parents and teachers. His family would have to compensate for the damage and he would be beaten by his parents. He turned around and yelled, “Sorry for saying goodbye so soon…”

The other boys were also scared and began to run away.

After running a few steps, Yi Le felt something was wrong, why didn’t he hear the noise of the glass shattering into pieces? He turned around and saw that the three girls were still there, looking at the storefront with their mouths open in astonishment.

“What the hell?” Yi Le murmured and told his boys to stop running.

He walked back to the pet shop, his mouth open in shock too.

The small rock was suspended in the air very close to the glass door, like a top spinning at high speed had been blocked by a soft and invisible wall.

Zhang Zian walked out of the shop. Seeing that Grandpa Tea in its invisible state was holding the small rock, he said slowly, “If there is anything incomprehensible to me, it would be girls.”

After sending the message to their Master, Wang Qian and Li Kun were still worried about him and decided to return to the pet shop. When they arrived, they happened to witness this scene where the small rock was suspended in the air.

The two of them were so moved. Master, you have finally showed your abilities! But as such a powerful mage, why did you have to be so pretentious in front of a group of pupils? Chapter 314: Basic Wing Chun Kung Fu Wears Away Rock with Water

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Zhang Zian should feel very lucky that Old Time Tea came out from the pet shop in time; otherwise, he wouldn’t have had the chance to show off in front of the pupils, and his newly installed glass door would have been shattered into pieces, so he and his pets would have had to suffer from the cold wind this winter, not to mention he had not fully recovered from his cold. If the glass door was really broken, how was he going to ask for compensation? After all, the society showed more tolerance towards the children.

Seeing the small rock fly towards the glass door, Old Time Tea acted swiftly and caught it in the blink of an eye. It was really discontented about Yi Le’s behavior. How could this boy run away after causing trouble and not shoulder his responsibilities? Young Ye Wen also got himself into trouble all the time, but never would he run away like a coward.

To teach the brat a lesson, Old Time Tea showed off its abilities on purpose. Instead of simply holding up the small rock, it used the Chi Sau (clinging hand) method of Wing Chun to downgrade the momentum of the small rock from moving forwards into spinning right before its paw.

Zhang Zian came out of the shop from behind Old Time Tea. Since Old Time Tea had solve the crisis, he got the chance to appear calm and formidable. He learned from Little Celery that these brats were addicted to playing the Arena of Valor, so he repeated a line that Zhang Liang says in the game.

Through the corner of his eye, he glanced at the rock spinning in front of Old Time Tea’s paw. Marvelous, he thought, but didn’t show his astonishment on his face.

Old Time Tea whispered, in a volume only audible to Zhang Zian, “Zian, look carefully of what I am doing, this is the Chi Sau method of Wing Chun Kung Fu that I am going to teach you. It’s not a complicated technique, Chi Sau is the entry level method of Wing Chun Kung Fu, and I’m just using it more flexibly. I’ve watched a lot of martial arts movies, but the Chi Sau demonstrated in them are so disappointing. Rather than a fighting method as shown in the movies, Chi Sau is actually a skill to enhance flexibility, sense of balance, and sense of direction of one’s arm. If you can master such a technique, you will be able to see through your enemies’ intentions and anticipate their movements.”

Seeing that the pupils were still stupefied, Old Time Tea continued, “Chi Sau stresses on the flowing of strength. Zian, look carefully at my elbow: is it stationary?”

Zhang Zian couldn’t talk to an invisible cat in front of the pupils, so he just made a quick observation of its elbow and then nodded lightly.

He had seen many NBA players spin basketballs on their fingertips, and what Old Time Tea was doing right now was probably an enhanced version of that kind of movement. Before the rock stopped moving, Old Time Tea had added an external force to change the kinstate of it, yet Old Time Tea’s elbow seemed very stable.

“This is it,” said Old Time Tea satisfyingly. “Stabilize your elbow, move your palm and forearm as the timing and the momentum takes you, but always keep the strength of your palm and forearm in a state of flowing softness. Though both Wing Chun and Tai Chi empathize on using soft strength, they are different-Chi Sau of Wing Chun is similar to flowing water, while the clinging hand method of Tai Chi is more like cotton. In other words, Chi Sau of Wing Chun cultivates the flowing of strength, through which you can have a keen insight of the psychological changes of your enemies. Do you understand?”

Zhang Zian nodded lightly to indicate he had understood how Chi Sau worked, though he couldn’t do it himself. In front of the mighty Old Time Tea, he seemed so young and na├»ve. If this was the ancient martial arts world, Old Time Tea would be Zhang Sanfeng, the founder of Tai Chi, who was teaching Tai Chi to Zhang Wuji in front of enemies…

Although they had the same last name, Zhang Zian didn’t have the intelligence of Zhang Wuji who could apply what he had just learned immediately; he could only take Old Time Tea’s credit due to its invisibility.

Even so, the pupils appeared very astonished and frightened.

A moment later, because of friction, the small rock gradually slowed down and stopped spinning in front of Old Time Tea’s paw.

Seeing that Zhang Zian had understood, Old Time Tea smiled delightfully. Paw turned upside down, the small rock fell on the ground.

Yi Le rubbed his eyes, poked his classmates beside him and stuttered, “Did you… Did you see that?”

All the boys were equally surprised, “Yes… The rock was suspended in the air…”

“F**k! Could it be a ghost?” Yi Le was not sure what happened and kept cussing. His mom would pull his ears if he spoke such foul language at home, but he felt very cool cussing outside.

“I don’t know…” The other boys were more perplexed than he was, and they were expecting that he would have some idea.

Just then, Little Celery cheerfully ran over to Zhang Zian, “Brother Store Manager, that was amazing! Was that magic? Can you do that again?”

The other two girls looked at one another, and followed Little Celery curiously.

“Ha-ha!” said Zhang Zian satisfyingly, “Your Brother Store Manager is very powerful. This is just a small trick that is not worth mentioning!”

Little Celery and the other two girls were so envious of him. One of the girls also picked up the small rock and looked at it. It was just an ordinary small rock.

“Poof.” Seeing that his spotlight had been stolen, Yi Le pouted and said unpleasantly, “So shameless to call yourself Brother Store Manager. You’re old enough to be called an uncle…”

Zhang Zian was so angry that the veins became visible on his forehead. This brat was so intolerable! He would be forever 18, how could anyone think he was old enough to be an uncle?

Yi Le narrowed his eyes that had become short-sighted because of playing games and sized up Zhang Zian carefully. He felt that Zhang Zian looked familiar; he must have seen him before…

Suddenly Yi Le recalled that this was the man who had stopped him one day and was fooled by the pranks he made.

Was… Was this man going to revenge him?

Yi Le was a little scared. His mother was not around today; what if this man tried to beat him up?

Yi Le looked around. It was getting dark. They didn’t go home directly after school; instead, they stayed at school with their teachers to discuss the show to be performed at the school founding anniversary. Rush hour had passed, and there were few pedestrians on the street. But he figured if he screamed for help, people would gather around. So, he summoned more courage to stay.

“I remember you! You stopped me last time! What do you want this time?” he pointed to Zhang Zian and yelled.

Zhang Zian looked at him disdainfully, “Oh, it’s you, mama’s boy. Why didn’t your mom pick you up today? Doesn’t she worry you might get lost?”

Yi Le was aggravated – his face blushed, and he yelled, “I am a man! I’m not a mama’s boy!”

“What a man, bullying on girls,” Zhang Zian pouted his lips and said. He turned to Little Celery and smiled gently, “Are these two girls your classmates? Are you coming to visit my pet shop?”

With the marvelous scene that had happened a moment ago, Little Celery became more emboldened. She pulled at the hands of her classmates and introduced them, “This is Sunny, and this is Chuan Chuan. They are both my good friends. This is the Brother Store Manager that I’ve been talking about and his pets really can speak!”

Sunny and Chuan Chuan nodded to greet Zhang Zian, and they said sheepishly, “Hello, we are Little Celery’s classmates… is what Little Celery said true?”

“Hello! Little Celery’s friends are always welcome to visit my shop, whether you buy pets or not. As for whether what she said is true or not, you can come in and see for yourselves,” said Zhang Zian mysteriously. He looked at Yi Le and said, “Of course, cowards shouldn’t come in or they will wet their pants.”

Yi Le and other three boys quickly lowered their heads to check their pants. None of their pants were wet, and they yelled loudly in embarrassment, “Who said we don’t dare to go in?! Nothing will scare us! ‘You can only fly in the sky if you are fearless!'”

Hearing this, Zhang Zian confirmed that these brats were hopelessly addicted to games. They were even quoting a line from the Arena of Valor to embolden themselves. Chapter 315: Conditions of Speaking

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Because of the loud noises and dust during renovation, Zhang Zian had been telling Little Celery not to come over the past few days. Today was the first time she saw the pet shop after its upgrade, Little Celery yelled surprisingly, “Brother Store Manager, it’s so beautiful!”

Zhang Zian smiled complacently, “More beautiful than before?”

“Much more beautiful than before, it’s so spacious and bright!” Little Celery raised her head and looked around, “I can barely recognize it.”

Zhang Zian knew that Little Celery would not tell lies or flattery. If she said it was beautiful, she really meant it.

“By the way, have uncle and auntie come home yet? They would be so happy seeing this!” she mentioned unintentionally.

Zhang Zian suddenly felt blue.

The invisible Old Time Tea looked at him in concern and tried to comfort him, but it was inconvenient for it to speak right now. If it suddenly muttered words, Little Celery and her classmates would think a ghost was talking in the air and would be frightened.

Zhang Zian had never told Little Celery about his parents’ deaths. He just told her that they had gone to travel around the world. So, it wasn’t strange that Little Celery would ask such a question. He didn’t want to lie to Little Celery. He could see that she had been quite close to his parents and he was afraid that she would feel sad after learning the truth. When she became old enough to truly understand what “death” was, he would tell her then.

Little Celery observed his strange look and asked in confusion, “Brother Store Manager, are you sick?”

Zhang Zian drudged up a smile and sniffed, “You got me. I’ve caught a cold, I have been coughing and my nose is stuffy.”

Little Celery answered quickly, “Brother Store Manager, you can boil some water with brown sugar and ginger. Whenever I get a cold, my mom cooks this for me. I feel warm after drinking it and will recover the next day.”

“Okay, thank you, Little Celery.” Zhang Zian smiled. He remembered when he was little and he got a cold, his mother would also boil water with brown sugar and ginger. It seemed like this method really worked. He planned to cook some later today, hoping to recover from the cold sooner.

It was the first time Sunny and Chuan Chuan had come to the pet shop, and they couldn’t take their eyes away from the kittens playing around and the puppies inside the display cases.

Yi Le and the other three boys were standing at the door, frightened, stretching their heads to peek into the pet shop. The scene where the small rock was suspended in the air left a strong impression on them, making them worry about any possible supernatural forces inside the pet shop.

In the end, it was Yi Le, their leader, who stepped in first. He looked around and sneered, “There’s nothing to be scared of!”

He turned around and demanded his three followers, “Come on in!”

But the three boys stared at something behind him. Their faces turned pale, they began to yell and they ran away.

Yi Le swallowed his saliva nervously, and turned his head around, his heart beating rapidly.

A kitten in black and white had appeared in front of him. Yi Le swore that a moment ago, it was not there! He didn’t see it in any corner of the first floor! Where did it come from in a blink of an eye? This was so horrible!

Yi Le finally understood why the three idiots ran away. They must have witnessed how it appeared. If he had seen that, he would run away too!

Looking into its silver-grey eyes, Yi Le had remembered that he had seen it before. The special colors of its eyes were very impressive.

“What… What do you want?” he stepped back and stared at it nervously. He didn’t think this black and white kitten could speak, he just asked this question intuitively out of anxiety.

“Meow, do you admit your mistakes?” Galaxy suddenly spoke up.

Suddenly, the pet shop became quiet. Whether it was Sunny who was chasing after the kittens, or Chuan Chuan who was sticking her tongue out like the puppies in the display cases, or Little Celery who was talking about methods to cure a cold to Zhang Zian, all of them stopped talking and looked at Galaxy.

Only Zhang Zian could see Richard in its invisible state besides Galaxy. That sentence was spoken by Richard, who had perfectly imitated Galaxy’s voice.

Sunny and Chuan Chuan didn’t believe pets could speak in the beginning, but after seeing the magic in front of the pet shop where the small rock was suspended in the air, they were uncertain and dubious. When they saw the adorable puppies and kittens in the pet shop, they had forgotten about the issue about them speaking. And now that the black and white kitten had spoken, there was no reason for them to doubt Little Celery anymore.

“It’s true… The kitten was speaking!” Mouths covered, eyes wide open, they screamed in surprise.

Finally proving herself, Little Celery restored her spirits and even her two braids appeared perkier. She said proudly, “I told you the pets here can speak but you didn’t believe me! Not only this kitten, but Xiao Ling and Er Duo can also speak… Oh, right, Xiao Ling is a hamster, and Er Duo is a lop-ear rabbit, they are both my good friends! Let me introduce you to them later!”

Sunny and Chuan Chuan felt embarrassed, and they apologized to Little Celery sincerely, “Little Celery, sorry, it’s our fault… We shouldn’t have suspected you… Please forgive us…”

Little Celery held up their hands generously, “It’s okay, there’s no need to apologize, I just want you to believe me! Xiao Ling and Er Duo are my good friends, and you are also my good friends! We are all good friends!”

Zhang Zian walked over to them and bent over, “As friends, you should support each other, share fortunes together, meet challenges together, and help to mend the wrongdoings of one another. Understand?”

The girls nodded in unison.

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