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“Chen Xiaolian.” Nicole smiled softly and said, “It has been… … ah, my bad.” After saying that, Nicole shook her head. “I should say, we met quite often, but you never knew.”

“What did you say?”

“Back in Tokyo, we fought side by side. Although I died there, I don’t think you owe me anything. That is how battles are in the first place. In battles, there are those who survive and those who die. I am a combatant, I have long since understood that. Besides, our opponent in that battle is Tian Lie. I have always wanted to kill him. Dying together with him was my choice. So, you and… … mm, Roddy that fellow, there is no need for you to think you owe me anything. Especially him. I did not die for him.”

Chen Xiaolian said nothing. He simply cast a cold stare at Nicole.

“See here, I am not used to the way you look at me now.” Nicole laughed. “I am real, not fake, not illusion.”

Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth.

“Well, all those cannot prove anything. However, there are some things that you will understand once I tell you about it. Chen Xiaolian, truth be told, I have always been by you fellows.” Nicole smiled and continued. “The… … yoga studio beside your fitness centre, that young woman surnamed Ye is me.”

Chen Xiaolian was stunned.

“After my resurrection, I went to look for you fellows. Due to some special reasons, I dared not expose my identity. The reason I came to be resurrected is rather special. Even now, I am unable to understand that reason. However… … the truth is, I have been staying near you all and keeping an eye on you fellows. Besides… … I had secretly participated in several instance dungeons. I just never openly met up with you fellows. When it comes to feelings, I did privately help you fellows some. Chen Xiaolian… … ah, how should I put it, you and your guild actually owe me some favours.”

Chen Xiaolian’s mind began reeling.

“You… … are real? Nicole? You… … did not die?”

“See the Floater on me? I retrieved this from Roddy because… … he really doesn’t know how to use it.” Nicole smiled. “It is mine after all. There is no way for him to utilize all of its functions. Besides… … it would not suit him. This part cannot be fake, no? When I met Roddy last time, during that battle, I took it back… … truth be told, that fool has probably guessed it. However, he just did not have the courage to be certain, to believe. At the end of the day, he does not dare hope, fearing the disappointment that might come from hoping. Humans would always fear such a kind of mental blow. Thus, they will try to hide.”

Nicole’s tone was without hesitation. “Truth be told, the reason I concealed my identity and not make proper contact with you fellows – I, understand Roddy’s thoughts. However, I have yet to make a decision on that. I do not know how I should face him. You know too… … we do not actually have a deep relationship. We only knew each other for a short time. Although it was a life and death connection, it was just a few days’ time. Mm… … I keep feeling awkward. If he had remained deeply in love with me while I don’t think that deeply of him, meeting him… maybe, not meeting him would be better.”

“Memories can be pried and copied,” said Chen Xiaolian. “Maybe someone pried through my memories and copied you out. That is why you can know all those things. All of them came from my memories.”

“Fine, let us talk about this.” Nicole smiled. “It is something you do not know. Thus, if someone is actually behind this, they could not copy out this memory from your mind. However, once I tell you about it, you will naturally understand. It is about… … my resurrection.”


Nicole said in a hushed tone, “After I died, I was refreshed into an ordinary human in America. Mm, back then, in the plane hijacking incident, you and Roddy became involved in it while I… … am one of the investigators for the case.”

Chen Xiaolian froze.

“The me who was refreshed into an ordinary human was rather obsessed with the case. I kept pursuing it. In the end, my investigations led me to a place, a hotel room… … mm, since I said that, surely you know what I am talking about. When I went there, I did not find you two. You two had left the place. However, I did find an item, something that you two must have left behind. A… … metal sphere.”

At long last, Chen Xiaolian’s mind heaved.

He believed her.

He did leave a metal sphere in that hotel room. Nicole being the investigator for the case was something that he already knew of. However, what Nicole said just now about her finding the metal sphere, leading to her resurrection… …

There was no way those things were in his memories.

Not a copied-out memory, nor an illusion.

If so, this Nicole standing before her must naturally be the real deal.

She was resurrected.

Moreover… … she had become like him, an Irregularity.

Chen Xiaolian put away the sword.

He stared at Nicole. A few seconds later, he exhaled and a genuine smile appeared on his face. “Nicole… … it really is you. Welcome… … back!”

Nicole reached out with both hands to gently embrace Chen Xiaolian. “Truth be told, I came back long ago. It is just, sorry, I never informed you fellows.”

“Roddy… … he will go crazy from joy.” Chen Xiaolian laughed out.

“Hey! Is the reunion drama finally over? Can I come down now?” said Tian Lie, who remained standing on the staircase. “Chen Xiaolian, are you sure you want to slash me after I come down?”

Chen Xiaolian released his embrace of Nicole and turned to look at Tian Lie. There was a frown on his face.

Since Nicole was alive, his bloody enmity with Tian Lie would no longer exist. Logically speaking, there wasn’t exactly much of a grudge between the two of them, however… … Chen Xiaolian felt a deeper meaning to Tian Lie’s words.

“Is it time for me to tell this fellow some stuff?” Tian Lie moved down the stairs with a smile and finally halted not far from Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian furrowed his brows and looked at Tian Lie.

“Err, I am going to tell you something. After hearing it, don’t get angry and more importantly, don’t go crazy, ok?” said Tian Lie with a smile.

“… … …” Chen Xiaolian warily eyed the bald fellow.

“This thing I want to tell you is not that complicated. Mm, truth is… … we have been friends for a long time.” Tian Lie sighed. “I had even secretly helped you out, you just do not know about it.”

Chen Xiaolian was a smart person after all. After pondering those words, he frowned and said, “You… … mean to say, you have also been staying near us while concealing your identity?”

“There wasn’t exactly a need to hide.” Tian Lie sighed. “If not for you, I would not be resurrected. After getting refreshed into an ordinary human, it was because of you that I was sucked back into this world, sigh… …”

Chen Xiaolian’s mind raced and his face instantly contorted. “You, you, you are, could you be…”

Tian Lie shrugged. “Sorry, I did not wear the residential complex’s security uniform this time. As for my looks, I changed it to this one. However… … Xiaolian, we… …” Having said that, Tian Lie’s face revealed a look of sincerity.

“… … we, have already become friends for real.”

“Da, Da Gang.”

[TL: You’d think that the most savage battle he had was with Mene’s knights…] Chapter 1: We Shall See, Old Fart

Translator: Oneshotwonder Editor: Tehrn

“The best and the worst made history, the ones in between made babies.”

Although it sounds like nonsense uttered by a drunk, no one could deny humankind’s ability to reproduce. Entering the age of the interstellar travel, the human population had finally surpassed the bottleneck figure of three hundred billion; outpacing even the Zergs, the so-called expansionist race.

Not all of the three hundred billion were direct descendants of Earthlings. There were the Ivantians, Kaedeians, and many other mixed races that fell in-between.

The Pan solar system had continued their agenda of expanding and exploring the solar system; transforming the entire solar system into a heaven for the whole human race at large. Thanks to its unique location and a long history of continuous development, Planet Earth had always been the political center of the Pan solar system union. That being said, Earth didn’t have any advantage when it came to living conditions.

Earth’s moon had been the homeland of the Ivantians. It had been baptized by bloodshed and fire, yet withstood the test of time. It eventually became a paradise, a center of culture and technology in the solar system.

Mars had also become one the most populated human inhabited worlds; human development had even reached one of Mars’s moons, Ceres.

If humans were to settle on any other planet in the solar system, it would be Venus. Other planets in the solar system were not suitable for human inhabitants; it would be more efficient to build more space cities nearby rather than directly colonize those planets. Human colonization seemed to have come to a halt at this point.

However, ever since the invention of hyper-jump, humans have started to explore planets outside of the solar system. Eventually, they found what they were looking for: three inhabitable planets in the Andromeda Galaxy. They named them the Morningstar, the Hope, and the Alfa. The planetary environment on these three planets was very similar to Earth. Faced with the ever-mounting pressure of overpopulation, humans had quickly turned the three newly discovered planets into their homeland, with the help of advanced technologies.

Within the last hundred years, humans have made yet another breakthrough in space exploration. An inhabitable planet was stumbled upon by a search fleet called Norton when they approached the Centaurus Cluster. The team named the planet after their fleet, and they quickly became filthy rich, just like the ancient sailors who had discovered the “new world” on the other side of Earth. This discovery was truly miraculous.

“The flight to Norton of the Centaurus Cluster is about to take off. All passengers, please board the spaceship immediately.” The feminine voice of the space stewardess was always quick to attract young men’s attention.

By the boarding gate, a crowd waved strenuously towards the spaceship. Meanwhile, on the spaceship, some people were yelling in excitement while other were quiet, but everyone’s face held the same reluctant expression.

This would be the fifth group of humans to be dispatched to planet Norton.

The three planets discovered three hundred years ago at the Andromeda Galaxy had abundant materials and had undergone three hundred years of development, which helped to improve the standard of living significantly. Over the course of three hundred years, they had established systems of social welfare, free education, and impenetrable planetary defenses that were all on par with those of the planets in the solar system.

Norton, on the other hand, was yet to be tamed. The biggest hurdle in doing so was the many conflicts with the Zergs. The Zergs were extremely tough and adaptive creatures like the cockroaches living on Earth ever since the Big Bang; just like cockroaches, they were everywhere.

This group of dispatched settlers would focus its efforts on the second phase of the Norton development plan. Most people being sent there were in their thirties and forties; some were even older. Most of them had struggled to make a living on Earth, and all hoped their lives would improve after their return. In exchange, they had to endure two years of hardship on Norton.

To the people’s surprise, a young boy who looked to be barely fifteen could be seen among the older crowd aboard the spaceship. The boy was looking at an old man at the departure gate, whose nose and eyes were red from crying, while the people were wondering why that old man would send his young son to a treacherous planet like Norton?

When the ship’s landing apparatus rescinded, the noise from the crowd on the ground boiled over. The old man hopped up and down and tried to see his son one last time as tears poured from his reddened eyes.

Wang Tong stared at the “excited” old man; he smiled at him and slowly raised his right hand next to his face then curled his fingers into a fist, leaving only the middle finger standing. He yelled with anger, “I’ll be back for your old ass!”

The old man waved his fist in the air; he had also left his middle finger erect. His face turned into an ugly grin while the tear streaks were still visible.

The year was 2565 AD. It was the first time in Wang Tong’s life that he had left home for somewhere outside of his hometown of Shangjin, yet the destination had to be the sh*tty planet of Norton. Foreseeing his shining youth to be wasted on a bleak and desolate planet, the fifteen-year-old Wang Tong felt a devastating blow.

There was an expression about traveling that people used to say: “Travelling is a way of discovering oneself.”

“But why the f*ck does it have to be Norton? I’m only going to get lost over there.”

To make sense of what happened to Wang Tong, we have to start from the beginning.

Wang Tong was an orphan and was told that his parents were martyrs of the Confederation. He had been adopted by an old gentleman, whom Wang Tong called “Old Fart”, who said that he took him in because he was nice. But as Wang Tong grew up, he realized Old Fart simply used him to collect government cheques. Thanks to the Confederation’s well-developed welfare system, Wang Tong was never abused by Old Fart, and over the years, had gained an upbeat personality and a great sense of responsibility. As he learned more about life and the history of the Confederation, he was eager to take on more in his life, and he wished to become a soldier.

Three hundred years ago, a gifted human with extraordinary abilities on the battlefield was born. His name was General Li Feng, decorated with seven stars, he was considered to be the most influential person throughout the entire history of mankind. He was the only general in history to bear seven stars on his shoulder, a sign of respect and utmost reverence between the three primary races of human: the Earthlings, the Ivantians, and the Kaedeians. He rose to power during the Earth-Kaede war, which started when the Kaedeians felt that they were being threatened in technology advancement, so they invaded Earth quickly after the latter invented the Hyper Drive. The Kaedeians were eventually defeated, and their homeland was annexed by the humans from Earth. Shortly after General Li Feng defeated the Kaedeians, he immediately led the troops into a thirty-year great war with the Zergs, a hideous alien race known for its destructive nature and quick expansions. Under the command of General Li Feng, the Confederation troops had the Zergs tasting defeat for their first time. One of the most memorable details of this war was the Blade Warrior deployed by General Li Feng. Many people in the present day thought that General Li Feng himself was the Blade Warrior, but proof has yet to be found.

As the war progressed, the Zergs started evolving on a large scale. They had begun to adapt to human’s offensive and defensive capabilities. Towards the end of the war, some Zergs had developed exterior skeletons that were practically immune to energy weapons. This development had, for a time, tipped the scale for the Zergs on the battlefield, and nearly cost the human’s victory when it was already at their fingertips. The situation had finally turned around when the FFC Corporation invented their newest weapon, the “METAL” suit which stood for “Mental field Enabled Tactical Assault of Liberty” suit. To put it simply, it was a wearable armor that activated and harnessed the power within the nucleus in the human genome. It was the decisive blow to the Zergs that helped the humanity to gain the final victory.

However, the Zergs had not been completely wiped out after the war, thanks to their extraordinary ability to reproduce; they had thrived again very swiftly. The four centuries of history from the great war to present day were dominated by an arms race between the humans and the Zergs; the Humans continued to improve their military technology, while the Zergs continued to mutate to their next generation.

The METAL suits had quickly replaced the power armor and became the weapon of choice against the Zergs; as they needed humans to operate, it led the Confederation to praise fertility and encourage couples to have more children.

Three building blocks made up a soldier’s combat ability: The Eighth Mental Field (a.k.a. “EMF” or the “Sea of Consciousness”), the Genome Nuclear (or “GN”) force, and the METAL suit.

The Genome Nuclear force was the incredible energy stored in the strands of human DNA (the Genome), which when released, instilled the human body with superhuman strength and combat ability that surpassed the Zergs. It made an ordinary human soldier only fitted to be a Zerg’s lunch into its most dreaded opponent.

The METAL suit could further maximize the GN force output while providing a decent protection against the Zergs or the environment. The current generation of METAL suit looked much different than it was a few centuries ago because of the constant updates from the FFC Corporation over the course of four centuries.

The Eighth Mantle Field was the key to activate the Genome Nuclear force. It was the deepest layer of human consciousness, and only when this layer has been fully released by an individual would he or she be able to wield the GN force. The process through which the EMF was fully released in one’s current consciousness was called the “Mind Opening Operation”. This involved a relatively straightforward procedure and the chances to successfully “open” one’s mind were also high. Only after the “Mind Opening Operation” and with the GN force at their disposal could one stand face to face with the Zergs and win.

In a way, the GN force was a soldier’s personal arsenal, and its strength was determined by the inherent traits of one’s specific genes.

Some groups of people like the Ivantians modified their genes. Unfortunately, it did not affect the strength of their GN power because no modification could change the fundamental attributes of any gene; all alterations to the genes were merely superficial. In other words, birth was the only determining factor of a soldier’s ultimate combat ability.

Since being born in the family of the right bloodline was evidently crucial, the status of houses with “superior” genes had been elevated to the utmost level in society.

Unlike the GN power, which was only determined by one’s birth, the strength of the METAL suit could always be purchased with money, lots of money.

The standard METAL suits were only useful for optimizing the GN force output to a pre-existing cap. However, the superior suits could significantly increase those cap, but they were astronomically expensive which made the FFC Corporation one of the three largest arsenal providers in the entire Confederation.

If the METAL suit were considered as the external tool to harness GN power, then the Eighth Mental Field would be the tool within the soldier him/herself; but while rigorous training could strengthen one’s EMF, only deep pockets could upgrade a METAL suit.

Within each subgroup of humans, genes were further branched into major Families as were the training methods. Out of these different training methods evolved distinct combat styles, usually recorded in a canon called the “Tactics”. Each family created their own combat tactics that had a decisive advantage in the form of unique coup de graces, and the methods to deploy these coup de graces were the greatest secret of any tactic, usually known only by the closest members of the family.

The title for the most powerful tactics undoubtedly went to the “Tactics of the Valkyrie”. The canon containing the “Tactic of the Valkyrie” was kept in the hall of Valhalla, the human’s most sacred place which was said to be located in the Astral Realm. Only those who earned the privilege of entering Valhalla have the honor to study the “Tactic of the Valkyrie”.

Wang Tong had waited until the end of middle school and was then finally able to receive the “Mind Opening Operation” at the age of fifteen. As soon as he could fully grasp his Eighth Mental Field, he could then attend a Military Academy, albeit a cheaper one, it would still mean he would have a bright future ahead of him.

“But… who would’ve thought that Old Fart would trade my only free ticket to the ‘Mind Opening Operation’ for moonshine? He said he did it inadvertently…”

Each citizen of the Confederation received only one free operation when he or she reached the age of fifteen. It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, but Old Fart exchanged Wang Tong’s turn for merely one…no…merely two bottles of moonshine.

That said, he wouldn’t have had to go to Norton even if he wanted to self-fund his operation, but he was sent there, Old Fart himself had enlisted Wang Tong. Perhaps it was a secret deal with the dispatcher for some quick cash? And if Wang Tong were to breach the contract, he might have to pay dearly for the kickbacks Old Fart had received. So, he was stuck with a deal that he never made.

Wang Tong looked through the windowpane into a space full of twinkling stars. He started to feel the gloomy outlook of his future weighing heavily on his shoulders. “What will happen to me on Norton? Nothing good, I bet.” He didn’t blame Old Fart for his misery, although he thought he really should, Old Fart had always provided him the comfort of a home. At least he didn’t have to live in the cold orphanage.

On the other hand, perhaps great opportunities were awaiting him on the planet of Norton. Wang Tong seemed to see a glimpse of hope. “Maybe I’ll be rich in two years, I’ll be able to swagger in front of the Old Fart like I meant it, and I’ll throw moonshine in his face until he pukes just as a lesson.”

Wang Tong had always been an optimistic person, if not overly so.

“Dear passengers, the shuttle is about to enter quadratic speed, we will arrive at the space station in twenty-five earth-hours. We will start the hyper-jump from the space station and should arrive at our destination in one hundred and twenty earth-hours. Please proceed to enter deep sleep stage to ensure that you are fully rested upon arrival.”

As the sweet voice of the space stewardess spread throughout the ship’s cabin, a burst of curses started to fill up the rest of the cabin space. Although uncomfortable, sleeping through the quadratic speed was the cheapest option for space liners and was also the only option for those in the economy cabin. Comfort was a luxury reserved for the richest in space traveling.

Wang Tong didn’t mind sleeping through the trip; there was nothing to see outside of the window once they had entered the quadratic speed. What Wang Tong really wanted was smelling the land, swallowing big jugs of Cola and triple layered drumstick burgers that sizzled with grease. Before he finally entered into the state of deep sleep, he wished in secret that he could have all of those in his dream.

‎Wang Tong never seemed to have enough sleep. He was aghast when he opened his eyes again, seeing the galaxy in the distance that looked very different from the one that he had left. This was the Centaurus Galaxy. Although Wang Tong was not an avid space navigator, instinct still told him that he had traveled many parsecs into the deep space.

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