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There were roughly two thousand Franks taking part in the battle.

Casualties amounted to roughly one tenth of them, no longer able to fight.

Although the able-bodied ones would probably disapprove of their fleeing

comrades, quite a number of people were being abandoned on the


Before they knew it, the Frankish warriors were overcome with terror and

pain, causing them to stop fleeing.

However, the owl-bear divine beasts were all defeated right in front of


The [Boar], the dragon rider and the demon sword user had left already.

Saved from a crisis, the Franks were filled with joy, experiencing

something known as liberation.

Nevertheless, this only lasted but a moment, because a man was floating

up from a fissure in the battlefield.

Despite bearing the same face as the man whom the Franks respected as

their great chieftain, he was already dead. The goddess, who bore a

grudge against the Franks, had stolen his remains and was now controlling

his body.

“Hohohoho. Well then, let us continue the fight.”

In fact, what came from his mouth was the voice of a young woman.

The warrior proceeded to draw a thick and heavy blade, raising it towards

the sky. Countless sparks appeared high in the air. This scene greatly

resembled a night performance of dazzling fireworks.

However, these fireworks did not dissipate, instead remaining above the

Franks in the sunny sky above —

“Well then, crude barbarians… Where are the godslayers protecting you? If

they do not show themselves, it cannot be helped. Then I shall first bring

divine retribution upon you all.”

Surviving and returned from underground, the warrior approached the


Countless sparks were still shining brightly high up in the air. All it would

take was for a portion of these lights to fall down and all the Franks would

be annihilated effortlessly.

Just at this moment, someone among the warriors called out “Lady Aisha!”

This became the start. All the warriors began to call out. Lady Aisha, Our

Lady the Holy Maiden, please bring us salvation, extending your hands of

mercy towards us, Holy Maiden Aisha, Holy Maiden Aisha, Holy Maiden

Aisha, Holy Maiden Aisha, Holy Maiden Aisha, Holy Maiden Aisha, Holy

Maiden Aisha, Holy Maiden Aisha, Holy Maiden Aisha, Holy Maiden Aisha,

Holy Maiden Aisha, Holy Maiden Aisha —

“We beseech you to grant us salvation, Holy Maiden!”

This rowdy commotion was caused by the charm authority’s curse

combined with being cornered towards the abyss of death.

Then after that.

From high above — a rainbow glow of light descended from between the

clouds in humanoid form.

This glow drifted gently to the ground, turning into a beauty in a white

overcoat the instant it landed.


Intense shouting and yelling resounded throughout this plain in Germania.

Indeed, Madame Aisha was supposed to have been devoured by the

lightning of salvation.

Bluntly stated, she did not actually die. As the saying went, never two

without three — As implied by this proverb, fortune’s blessing opened the

[Fairy’s Corridor] once again.

This was the exact same method of evacuation used against the Divine

Sword of Salvation’s first attack.

However, using this power exhausted Aisha greatly. It also made her

utterly famished.

Also, on her return to the battlefield, Doni-Artio was also revived together

with the divine sword, with the sparks of salvation’s lightning scattered high

up in the sky. In addition, there were the Franks, cheering for the Holy

Maiden’s name —

“Oh dear.”

Aisha happened to land in between Doni-Artio and the Frankish warriors.

Standing in the middle, she coughed drily once. After trying to make her

face as dignified as possible, she turned to face the Franks.


The warriors responded to her with joyful cheers of surprise. Feeling happy

about this, Aisha waved to the warriors.

She could hardly contain the delight she was experiencing inside.

Since the divine sword-wielding Doni-Artio was approaching, she turned to

face the goddess’s direction.

“You have revived as well, woman godslayer. In that case, allow me to

send you and those barbarians to the grave together. Hoho, what sort of

strange tactics will you attempt to use to attack me next?”

“Why are things like this… When fighting only causes a chain reaction of

hatred and sadness…”

Doni-Artio was pressing forward for a head on battle.

Her fierce words brought a sense of sadness to Aisha’s happy heart.

Artio was a tragic goddess who had forgotten love. If possible, Aisha really

wanted to save her. However, a desperate crisis was now approaching

Aisha and the Franks. What should she do?

“Our Lady the Holy Maiden!” “Please save us, Lady Aisha!” “Please grant

us mercy, Holy Maiden!” “Please offer us your hands of salvation!” “Our

Lady the Holy Maiden!” “Holy Maiden!” “Our Lady the Holy Maiden!” “Holy

Maiden!” “Our Lady the Holy Maiden!” “Holy Maiden!” “Our Lady the Holy

Maiden!” “Holy Maiden!” “Our Lady the Holy Maiden!” “Holy Maiden!”

The people’s voices came from behind nonstop.

Everyone was praying, hoping to obtain protection. Everybody was wishing

for the arrival of a savior who dared to oppose the gods. Also, she was

currently the only one capable of protecting them!

Phew. She took a deep breath. Driven by the situation and the mood,

Aisha made her decision.

“Right now, I have almost no power remaining…”

Due to entering the corridor for an emergency evacuation, she was already

thoroughly exhausted.

The queen of winter’s authority had already ended due to using the trump

card, [Underworld’s Descent], and had returned to a healing authority.

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