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It was at that moment, a dazzling golden light shot out from deep inside the woods. A short-haired woman who dressed in golden armour, soon appeared in the dazzling light. She was surrounded by a pure metal elemental energy, and the energy that entangled around her was shredding all the rattans on the way as she dashed out of the deep forest.

Within a few seconds, she arrived at the masked men’s encirclement. She swiftly jumped up, threw her slender leg out to kick the masked man that was nearest to her while spinning her body in the air. She was both fast and powerful. Her spin-kick instantly knocked away two masked men who couldn’t dodge her...


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A small chuckle was heard from outside the door. Then, the meeting room door was slowly pushed open and a girl dressed in green robes with a calm air appeared in the doorway. Next to her was a peerless silver-haired man whose eyes swept indifferently across the hall before placing his gaze on the young...


As the last of the Sun’s light disappears over the horizon, the sky finally darkens to reveal the glimmering stars and the hovering moon of the night.

Wearing a magnificent robe, the stern looking court Astrologist continued his ridiculous act….. What really bored Dorgan is that regardless of the divinations result, no one actually believes it. But this event is a must because this divination is a way to look good in front of the Emperor. Although Dorgan hated these kinds of...


Linley, who was watching all of this atop the tree next to the lake, suddenly felt as though the Velocidragon and the little Shadowmouse were two equally matched adversaries having a staredown.

“Raaaaaawr!” A thundering roar! An all-encompassing, blazing flame suddenly erupted from the Velocidragon’s maw, covering the entire area of dozens of meters ahead of it in flame. The lake began to hiss as the surface water instantly began to boil. But Bebe didn’t move at all, despite being bathed in flames; he just let the...


That was… such an adorable cat.

The cat was no bigger than a fist. Nose, eyes, tails and claws were all so cute. That was like a cat from heavens. The small cat was like an art piece in Yue Changtian’s eyes. When it looked at him with its innocent eyes… Yue Changtian was moved. He looked at it and made...


Since that’s the case, he immediately kept that thought and enquired with John first. After confirming his other goods received no reception, he left. However, as he walked out of the surface entrance, someone shouted at him to stop. It was that extremely crooked old hag.

“Little boy, how about showing what you have to me again.” Sheyan knew this old hag was extremely stingy, he initially didn’t want to interact with her. However after considering his charm level, he sighed and figured he should just show everything to her. After thinking for a moment, the old hag pointed to her...