One faint smile, as if showing his determination, the heartless man is weighing feeling (love), this lonely side.

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It was not long before, if not because Yao Yao took her last effort to prove her innocence, she perhaps had died inside the cold pool.

But now, he cannot do it! Even when he heard when she insulted his father, even to hit her, he could not do it anymore!

Yu Ao Tian is heartless man, he could do everything to those who offend him without spare them, not even give any chance.

He is also cold blood man, dealing and facing with pities bitter begging, facing with others family to beg for mercy, he won’t give any mercy!

But, in front of this Little Thing, his cold blood, his heartless just disappearing like that without any traces…..

Is it because of that scar?original translation by

Seemingly, for long time his focus is not at that scar anymore. It just, he hasn’t realized it.

Beautiful memory, it had messed and ruined because the web.original translation by

Still leaning on the rail’s of the veranda, that man good looking face is showing strange expression at the moment and also seems to be lonely, lonely….this translation belongs to

Perhaps, Luo Yao Yao who leaving since this day, smashed and thrown all the past they ever had, at same time she also taking that man’s heart that not long ago just start beating…… Chapter 321

Debt paid to Yu Ao Tian

Sky, under the rain of snow, it going to be melt whenever hit the body, it’s make people don’t know whether it is snow or rain.

Nose, the air of breathe is forming a faint misty. It is only a November but the feeling is alike winter already, the cold pierce bones.

In the street, seeing the crowd stream of people never stops flowing, Yao Yao’s vision line is turned to be blurred.

The street in front, as if falling into the confusion, although she knows her destination, but she does not know how to walk to this path.

So what if she hatred, she blaming, but this cannot change anything regarding she is only a student who own World Class lawyer license!

Does not have client, does not have her own company, this so-called World Class Lawyer license as alike scrap paper.

Things that Yu Ao Tian said before, she could not listen to him, ignoring him, but, there is one thing is true, that is…. The today of her, with what should she fights against him?

‘Are you looking for Feng Chen Yi? No wonder, for this time you are getting so close with him.’

Looking for Feng Chen Yi help?

Talking about the status in society, family background, having Feng Chen Yi as her back up to fight against Yu Ao Tian things are indeed could be any easier, moreover Berson and Feng Group have many projects that overlap, so that these two leading groups are bound to start a competition, and the competition is going to be rivalry.


She really cannot go to find Feng Chen Yi and ask him to help her to fight against Yu Ao Tian.

Even though both of them are already turned to be rival before, she also cannot take that step.

What to do?

‘I will use all my will and my utmost to take all yours! Yu Ao Tian, although the politician status is something you got by yourself. But…. I will have way to pull you down from where you from!!! We, let see and wait!’

Hah, thinking about this words Yao Yao really feel such ridiculous, this is no different with big talk.

Now he is in the black path, business world and even politician world, for the whole he has the leading position, she as an ordinary student how could she drag him down from his position?

Really ridiculous….. Such funny…..

Perhaps because tired of walking, Yao Yao footstep is stopped at the street side.

‘Yu Ao Tian, although you are not removed all the bullets, today I will not kill you with this thing.’

If, Yu Ao Tian really not removed the bullet, could she really not shoot him?

Does not know, place that belonged to his father, his mother would it be his graveyard too?


At last when looking one glance at that house which ever filled with warmness!


First University

“Yao Yao, what was going on yesterday?” one day after the funeral ceremony, Yao Yao is coming to school, Gong Xiao Man can’t help herself not to ask her.

“I, I don’t know what was going on.” she does not know how to tell Gong Xiao Man, her mother is killed by Yu Ao Tian!

“So scary, impossible you have troubled something right? Those men were not people I dare to offend, actually can’t you ask Yu Ao Tian to help you.”

That’s right, this kind of thing even Gong Xiao Man also understand, ‘those men’ indeed people that she could not afford to offend. “Xiao Man, I don’t have any relation with Yu Ao Tian now.”

“Hah? Didn’t both of you have settle yours status before?”

“It’s not. This time, We have ended our relationship!”

“What situation are we in?” after Gong Xiao Man heard it she is dumbstruck, she even thought both of their relationship has already changed to be boy and girlfriend, how could at moment their relationship changed again?

“Xiao Man, It cannot say be cleared at once, You…. Now please don’t ask any.”

There is a time, when people at the most painful moment indeed they don’t want to bring up the unhappy topic, so that Gong Xiao Man understand it, just alike when she talked about Han Li Shang before. “En, I understand. I will wait until the time you want to tell me.”

“Thank you, Xiao Man.”

For the whole morning classes, basically Yao Yao is spending her time in blank, all her focus and attention are thinking how to drag down Yu Ao Tian! After she thought it, the first target she able to aim is Berson Group.

Once the bell is ringing, Yao Yao is hurrying running out from the classroom.

“Long Qi!”

Since her mother passed away, it is so obvious that Long Qi tries to make distance with her, this is obviously because he is feeling guilty in his heart. “What’s matter?” his eyes are avoiding while walking in front of her.

Yao Yao is taking out a cheque from her pocket, and also a key: “This 200 million, also the car that gave by Yu Ao Tian, trouble you to give it to him.”


“My grandpa hospital fees, adding with the operation fee, I have counted it, it almost 300 million, I still owed him 100 million, while that car which he gave it to me as his representative lawyer, he gave it to, now the price is about 200 million.”

Since the day Yao Yao had owned her world class lawyer, her teacher ever told her that, once you choose your client, unless you are facing financial difficulty, or else you are absolutely cannot reduce your fees, this is just like self appreciation.

So that, Yao Yao when she became Yu Ao Tian’s representative lawyer her fees was 180 million, that car and also the representative fees. The other 20 million it is Funeral money given by everyone for her mother funeral ceremony.

“What do you mean by doing this?” Long Qi is surprised when seeing those thing in his hand.

She pursed her lips, slowly said: “You must know it!”

“I…..”you can read this translation at

“Since the you told me, Hua Mei Villa case was misunderstanding, you must have known that, soon or later my relationship with Yu Ao Tian would have this kind of ending, don’t you think so?”

That’s right! At very beginning he had predicted about this result, and then, he never thought if this thing happened, he could be this guilty toward Yao Yao. “Sorry…. Sorry. Sorry, Yao Yao…..”

“No need to say sorry. I think, that time when you was lying to me, also didn’t want me to fight. I understand you, Long Qi.” countless time she told herself, Long Qi did for sake her own goodness, for sake of her goodness. But…. Does she really not even blame of Long Qi? That’s must be a lie.

If, Long Qi didn’t tell lie to her, perhaps at the beginning she would be able to investigate whether the Hua Mei Villa case had relation with her father or not, and then she could strictly protect her mom, perhaps her mom still be able to escape from this obstacle.

But….read this translation on azurro4cielo.wordpress

Forget it, thing after all has happened, there is useless to blaming others for this matter.

“What will you do in the future? I mean is….between you… And Yu Ao Tian.”

Listened to this question, Yao Yao coldly smiles: “If, Yu Ao Tian is the person who killed your mother, what would you do?” this words, has such simple meaning.

Believe no matter whoever, facing with the enemy who killed own mother will not sit still.

“But… You, you are not Yu Ao Tian’s rival!!” Long Qi smiles, this is also the reason why that time he lied to her.

“Hah, move one step, count one step. After all Yu Ao Tian is not a saint, he will have flawed in his every plan too.”

That’s right! There must be a flaw, anyone must have their own flaw, and the only flaw that he made, helped her mother to revenge, it is the only chance she had!!!! Chapter 322

The State Administration Of Taxation Office……

“Miss Luo, I have heard from my secretary, you are World Class Lawyer, does not know what’s matter make you come here to find me?”

Several days in row, Yao Yao is living as like death, although she still going to school, but all her head is filled on how to revenge.

It seems that, she actually has one winning chance, it’s because she understands better about Yu Ao Tian’s background compare to other people, and also she understands more about his company, all about him.

If really thinking to drag him down immediately using his underworld background, it must be impossible!

Since the election that day, learning from the case of Secretary Fu, before his underworld background being exposed, Yu Ao Tian must be prepared to deal with anyone who wanted to disclosure about him.

Well, she still have something about Yu Ao Tian! That is….. “Chief Liu, I want to make report regarding defraud of the revenue, evade the payment of the tax by Berson Group within this two years, this is the data that I have collected, if you are not believing on me, you can ask your men to do the investigation toward Berson Group!”

“Oh? After all there is such case?” after Chief Liu heard it, with anger expression he takes the data which given by Yao Yao, seriously he flipping every pages said: “Miss Luo, you rest assured, Berson Group is Congress Yu’s company, this matter I will take serious action to settle it, absolutely won’t let any evil member do to harm.”

That’s right! This is the result that she wanted to see, although Yu Ao Tian has already stepped back as the second layer of Berson Group, but his position as Board of Chairman, once something happen to Berson, he stills will take all the responsible and also the blame!

The first move in order to crush Yu Ao Tian, it must be pulled him down from his political seat!

“En, trouble you, Chief Liu.” leaving the he State Administration Of Taxation Office, the path which vast and hazy in front gradually it seems to have become clear.

So that, Yu Ao Tian isn’t someone who cannot to be captured, after all he had done many bad things before, it is impossible to keep everything.

Of course, thing that make Yao Yao feels more unexpected was Chief Liu angry reaction, before she came to State Administration Of Taxation Office, she had thought that perhaps people in State Administration Of Taxation Office might afraid of Yu Ao Tian’s position? But it seems now, they are not! Ha, really expecting, this matter can expose to media soon!

“Yao Yao, today you are particularly happy after coming back from outside?” on those in hazed days, Once Yao Yao got back to her dorm, she always pulls by Gong Xiao Man to have a chat.

“Haha, so-so, it just so-so, it’s only….. Encountering something that makes me happy little bit.”

“Heh? Did you encounter ‘flower bloom’?”

“Xiao Man, are you really…. Hoping me to find boyfriend this quickly? Or do you afraid that I won’t be able to marry off myself?” Yao Yao unhappily rolled her eyes.

Gong Xiao Man moves her shoulders, being exaggerating said: “Should I worry you cannot marry off yourself? Every day there are always many people who are pursuing you, if say to worry, better I worried myself.”

“Geez, Xiao Man, aren’t there also many people pursuing you too?”

This Xiao Man, really is!

Actually those people who are pursuing Gong Xiao Man are also those Gao Fu Shuai (Rich handsome man), but it seems other than Han Li Shang, she seems not to see anyone right? Huh, once falling in love with someone, thing is going to be like this, other people might see as black and white, but only oneself that able to see the person loved as colorful.

‘Ring… Ring… Ring….’

When these good fellow sisters are having joyful conversation, suddenly Yao Yao mobile phone is ringing: “Wait a moment, let me have my phone call.” when she looked at he mobile phone display screen, her expression is turned to be dimmer.

“What’s matter? Yao Yao, who is calling?”

“Nothing, hahaha, nothing.” she shook her head with a nervous tension.

“Well, why don’t you accept the phone call?”


Should I?

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