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Kieran was standing on Dublin Street.

Behind him was the wealthy district for the rich and in front of him was the slums for the significantly less lucky. Not only was the light on the street dimmed, a horrible sinful feeling lurked around the dark corners as nicely.

Difficult smashing noises could be heard from metal rods onto someone’s body and iron knives stabbed into flesh, bleeding the target out.

All the disturbing noises sounded like it occurred beside Kieran’s ears with his A+ Intuition.

He cautiously took in all the noises and attempted to differentiate each and every of them.

Following locking onto a single noise, he headed in direction of that route.

Dublin Street was in fact a full block rather than a single street, such as a couple of big factories and abandoned buildings. There had been about 20,000 people who lived in this block alone, most of them unemployed or homeless, plus gang members.

All vicious and buff fellas had been glaring at Kieran the moment he stepped into Dublin Street.

The vicious males had been judging whether or not Kieran was a body fat lamb that delivered himself to the wolf’s den or a formidable man or woman.

Which is proper, a fat lamb that delivered himself to the wolf’s den.

Although Dublin Street was connected to the beautiful wealthy district, only a few would go through the street to that place or vice versa.

Not only since of the police cruisers that were posted nearly 24/7 at the entrance of the street block but also due to the fact it would attract unwanted troubles.

Anyone who walked into the wealthy district through Dublin Street would be marked down by the police.

Individuals filthy cops wouldn’t let their valuable taxpayers to be harm, not even allowing a single hair to fall off their head.

As for the other way about, these who came from the wealthy district would definitely be the targets of the gang members, the passerby stored addressing them as unwanted fat lambs.

However, specific incidents that occurred recently manufactured them a small more obedient and sincere. Otherwise, the second Kieran stepped into Dublin Street, questions would be asked.

The police would only keep their jurisdiction inside of the wealthy district.

There was a specified peace treaty that was formed amongst the gang members and the police inside Dublin Street, a set of guidelines that each events had to follow like a chess game.

Kieran gradually moved forward, eyeing his sides from time to time.

The gang members exchanged a gaze and two of from the bunch and could not help but begin to trail Kieran.

“This man is mine! See that cape and that big bag? It’s definitely really worth a lot!” One of the taller more powerful guys explained while trailing Kieran. The bloated a single beside him thus hastened his actions.

The rest of the gang members turned their consideration to the man who was sitting in the corner. The guy was sporting a huge leather jacket, bald and had a pentagram tattooed on his encounter.

“Idiots! Search at where that punk is heading, you idiots want to get turned into specimens?” The bald buff man sneered.

The gang members about him quivered immediately.

“Let us go, we have a huge case to do tomorrow, that crazy f*cker…”

The bald buff guy said angrily at first but dimmed down at the finish uncontrollably.

He then spat heavily on the ground and turned all around to one of the abandoned buildings.

A big group of gang members then followed in his footsteps.

Kieran stopped at a modest alley.

What would a little alley look like inside Dublin Street?

A filthy area filled with trash, feces and dirty water mixed with all varieties of color.

Compared to this small alley, the backstreet in the commercial street was like heaven.

The vile stench that assaulted his sense of smell was even fouler than a rotten corpse, triggering Kieran to frown.

Even however Kieran wasn’t a clean freak with OCD, the horrible environment just before him forced him to be mindful with his actions.

He could bear with dust and grime but not a puddle of sh*t or filthy water.

To be sincere, the gang members who lived close by couldn’t adapt to that alley both.

“Hey, punk! End proper there!”

Two guys who came in behind Kieran yelled loudly at Kieran.

“Hand above all your belongings!” The bloated a single mentioned straightforwardly.

Kieran turned around and noticed the two males. He previously observed they have been trailing him a whilst in the past, but he wasn’t concerned, instead, he was very content that somebody was following him since they would at least serve as a implies of generating a scene. This kind of a scene to a commoner was very minimum since common sense would allow them to know what was going on. Nevertheless, to people non-human existences, it grew to become very a problem.

As both gang members were approaching Kieran in an intimidating method, the wall behind them started out to distort and bloat. A figure then squeezed itself out of the wall silently.

The figure was big and body fat, its appearance totally sealed off the entrance to the modest alley.

The taller, stronger a single of the two appeared to have observed something behind them. As he wished to flip around instinctively, ahead of he truly laid eyes on what was behind him, his head was grabbed by a large hand.


His head was torn appropriate off his entire body! The blood gushed out like a geyser on the bloated one particular beside. He needed to scream, but it stopped just as the sound escaped his mouth.


A giant butcher knife was slashed down from his head, slicing the bloated 1 in half without having any clear response.

The stench of blood was mixed with the current foul stench.

The excess fat entire body was grumbling loudly, gradually approaching Kieran.

Soon after some light was shed on its gruesome body, it uncovered the greyish white skin that looked similar to a withered dead physique, its head consisted of several pust and was even more terrifying.

“Soon after transforming into a fiend, its human intellect has worn down and it commenced to stick to its all-natural instinct? Even its physique started out to alter?” Kieran imagined in his heart.

He had a quite restricted comprehending of fiends, all he could do was depend on educated guesses.

Of program, Kieran was keen to place on a good efficiency when his “audience” was viewing him.


The giant butcher knife was slashed proper at Kieran.

Kieran moved to the proper slightly and effortlessly dodged the slash. [Python-W2] appeared in his hand and was fired repeatedly.

Bang Bang Bang!

The bullets were fired right at Rudd’s body fat physique, however even with [Armor Penetration Lvl one] attached, all the bullets did was scratch its skin.

Green blood oozed out from the bullets wound.

Rudd who appeared to not feel anything at all switched his frontal slash into a horizontal sweep.

Kieran jumped up and stepped on the wall aside, as if his feet had grown roots that caught him on the wall, enabling him to wall run with ease.

[Python-W2] didn’t cease its fire. Bullets have been poured down at the hideous fiend but diverse from the prior standard bullets, [Bullets of Blessing] had been fired this time around.

Even now, [Bullets of Blessing] which have been successful against damaging energy beings had no exceptional effect towards fiends.

When the bullets landed on its body, all it did was make it cry in ache but none of them have been fatal shots, even individuals fired right into its head.

“Fiends are not just simple unfavorable power beings!”

Kieran imagined and his left hand quickly hurled out a couple of grenades.

Ding Ding!

Following several bounces, a couple of [U-II] grenades landed on the fiend’s feet.


A brilliant explosion occurred.

Shrapnel was splashed in every single direction, the fiendified Rudd did not stay away from the blast and was engulfed entirely.

Thick green blood gushed out of its physique, dying his body green. Its excess fat physique started out to wobble.

Right after the explosion, [Arrogant Word] was swung down from up higher, carrying out a downward slash.


The excess fat disgusting entire body was slashed in half proper away.

Kieran swiftly took a couple of steps back, staying away from the splashing blood and panted heavily as nicely.

Until finally the black bird flew away, Kieran then quietly clenched his fist in pleasure soon after he felt the flaps of the wings.


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