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There was a massive explosion and it developed a huge hole in the thick ironwood city gate. Broken pieces had been thrown all over. The Empire’s cavalry cheered from outdoors the city gate. A hurried drumming sound was heard as the horses charged in swiftly through the gate in a long line. Even even though the soldiers on the wall heard the loud explosion, they could not see and for that reason did not know the gate had currently been blasted open. But when they noticed a large cavalry rush towards the city gate, the brave ones grabbed their bows and arrows and shot out a couple of arrows. As for the ones who had been scared, they just ran down the wall tower.

Rody had been in an arduous war. Even though the warriors he brought had been valiant and all had been transformed into vampires, not everybody was abnormally fierce and effective like him. At the minute, except for Rody, everyone had place in their ideal effort. The Roland army was baffled but they understood the consequences of allowing the enemy cavalry to enter the city.

Rody approached the city gate as he slashed left and appropriate, forcing the Roland soldiers to move out of their positions. He then pulled open 1-half of the city gate. He was startled when his back was slashed. That opened a large gap at the back of his armor. Rody raised his eyebrows and turned close to, killing the assailant with a backhand slash. Soon after that, he moved speedily to the edge of the city gate… as he did not want to be trampled on by the horses of the Lightning God’s Whip.

With dust flying, tens of 1000’s of Lightning God’s Whip had previously rushed into the city. The hundreds of Roland infantrymen, who initially blocked the city gate, had no time to even moan just before they had been drowned in the surge of iron pouring in.

Things started moving inside the Roland barracks. Numerous soldiers climbed out of their tents. Some have been sporting their garments even though some were wearing their armors. Some have been searching for their weapons whilst some have been searching for their commanding officers. There were also some who could not discover their own swords and ended up scrambling for them with their companions…

Even some officers of the Roland army who heard the emergency assembly bugle phone did not know what was going on.

The tens of 1000’s of cavalry who rushed into Thunder City right away split into two groups. One group went left whilst the other went proper. They charged in the direction of the two huge barracks of the Roland army in Thunder City.

The initial unlucky ones have been the Roland army infantry, whose barracks were positioned on the right side. The night vigil soldiers had panicked the entire time as there had been fire and screams everywhere. Everything happened so quickly that they could not realize what was going on.

Surrounded by chaos at the barracks, they saw horses coming in direction of them. From afar, they could see the banner of the ‘Holy Knights Regiment’. Hmm? The Holy Knights?

While these Roland soldiers were even now confused, they heard the ‘Holy Knights’ shout, “Retreat! Quickly run!”

There was a massive commotion. The Holy Knights are retreating?

There was an explosion and countless soldiers ran helter-skelter. When the Holy Knights got nearer the folks of Roland continent lastly observed the difference and exclaimed…

“Shit! Imposters!We are dead!”

Everyone in the Lightning God’s Whip had to discover two words from the dialect of the Roland continent. Those phrases had been ‘retreat’ and ‘run’.

Throughout the commotion at night, a group of ‘Holy Knights’ had dashed in, shouting loudly at the very same time – any soldier who saw this would, of program, run first. Even the ‘Holy Knights’ have misplaced and are deserting. Only an idiot would not run. If you don’t run your head would quickly roll down on the ground.

The scenario at the barracks on the left was a minor bit much better. The deputy commander was more composed. Even though he could not absolutely suppress the chaotic circumstance in the barracks, he was in a position to sustain control of two thousand of the more elite soldiers and organized them into a battle formation.

He then noticed Rody brought a huge troop of cavalry and force their way in. People cavalrymen shouted, “Retreat, speedily run,” in the Roland dialect. As the Roland soldiers started to fall into disorder, that deputy commander lower down a dozen of people soldiers who were contemplating of operating away. He then shouted, “Nonsense! Because when are the Holy Knights in Thunder City? These are impostors! Let’s fight!”

Rody saw the enemy approaching instead of operating away. Even in a state of commotion, the enemy’s infantry formation did not collapse. Rody recognized that they had presently noticed through his ruse. He immediately raised his sword, shouting, “Wolf Fang!”

Tens of thousands of cavalrymen roared concurrently, “Destroy!”

Rody had utilized all his power to shout ‘Wolf Fang’ in a booming loud voice. His voice reverberated during the city, appropriate up to the north. When Muse heard his voice, she was so startled she could barely stand. She pushed about a dozen of the Holy Knights out of her way and ran a number of measures towards the South. Abruptly, she stopped.

Muse’s body was trembling.

It truly is him! It’s him! With out a doubt, it is him! It is his voice!

Involuntarily, her tears started to flow. Muse bit her lip to cease herself from crying out loud.

“Ho… Ho… Holy Saint… Your Excellency…” The Regiment Commander of the Roland army turned pale. At the second, shouting voices reverberated in the city. Though he did not know how many soldiers from the Radiant Empire had entered the city, he believed that there have to be a lot of them.

Muse tightly clenched her fists and whispered in a hoarse voice, “It is already also late! Regiment Commander, it seems to be like a large troop of enemy soldiers has previously entered the city! Did not you hear that sound earlier?

The Regiment Commander’s face was total of sweat as he replied, “It… It is the Wolf Fang… Wolf Fang… I will instantly send some soldiers to regroup and battle back!”

Even an idiot could tell that the Regiment Commander was nearly dropping his voice! It was at this moment that the messenger who ran out earlier had returned, struggling as he did. He shouted just before he even reached the Regiment Commander. “Your Excellency! Your Excellency! The left barracks are gone!”

The moment that Regiment Commander heard these phrases he felt his legs go soft and quickly sat on the ground.

Muse sighed as she looked in direction of the South. She could hear the screams of the frightened people fighting. She gazed tenderly and considered to herself. That man have to be really shut to me, now.

“Saint!” One of the Holy Knights asked, “Your Excellency, what must we do? Must we help them confront the enemy?”

These younger Holy Knights were amongst the a lot more superb folks from the Temple. All of them have been currently eager to go out.

Muse looked at the Regiment Commander who was on the floor and mentioned, “Confront the enemy? Confront what enemy? Let us leave!”

Following that, Muse turned towards the city gate as her robes fluttered. The 4 Holy Knights followed behind her. One of them was puzzled and he asked, “Your Excellency, Muse, are we going to just disregard this?”

Muse felt agitated but experimented with to make her voice sound as cold as possible. “What else can we do? Their principal army has already entered the city and we have lost our barracks. Do you consider the five of us can repel them? Let us go!”

That Holy Knight was about to reply when Muse glared at him and coldly stated, “Shut up!”

Following saying that, Muse no longer looked back and walked in direction of the city gate.

Her footsteps had been heavy and she felt like every stage necessary a whole lot of energy. In fact, Muse would rather those men and women get out of her way, so that she could, regardless of almost everything, go towards the south.

But is that achievable? Following all, I am a Saint of the Temple. Though I am towards the war, I will not betray my faith.

Additional… and additional… With every stage she took, Muse was more and additional away from that person. The black veil that covered her encounter was previously soaked with tears.

The horses had already been ready outdoors the city. Muse took a deep breath and looked back. She slowly closed her eyes and whispered in the common language of the Radiant Empire, “If you do not neglect me, I will in no way forget you! You greater remain alive… I will wait for you!”

She then bit her lips, turned all around and mounted her horse. Muse and the 4 Holy Knights galloped towards a ship waiting near the shore…

The Roland army in the city had completely collapsed and was not in a position to organize any effective resistance. The situation had turn into entirely 1-sided. Tens of 1000’s of the Lightning God’s Whip employed their mighty momentum to destroy the barracks of the Roland army. Soon after that, they chased the Roland army out of the city to the north.

The Lightning God’s Whip did not assume to fully annihilate the entire Roland army as the Roland army nevertheless had a lot of soldiers. It would be impossible to destroy every single single one of them at after. In reality, the Roland army was only defeated in the sense that they had been very frightened and disorganized.

Tens of 1000’s of the defeated Roland soldiers were like an ocean wave moving away from the Northern gate. They no longer imagined about something else. There was only one thought: Run! There have been no enemies in front.

When the Lightning God’s Whip lastly reached the Northern gate, Sieg immediately ordered them to end.

People frightened Roland soldiers who had been nevertheless operating away abruptly recognized that their enemy was no longer chasing them. When the braver ones turned around to seem, they noticed that the city gate had currently been closed.

Tens of 1000’s of the defeated Roland army had been scattered outdoors the North gate of Thunder City. They had been in in between the ocean and a reliable wall.

The officers of the Roland army began to gather their army. That Regiment Commander had also retreated from Thunder City. He only breathed a sigh of relief when he noticed that the Lightning God’s Whip stopped chasing them. Soon after counting the quantity of soldiers remaining, he identified that the Roland army did not get rid of that many soldiers. They nonetheless had about eighty percent of their authentic troop of about a single hundred thousand soldiers.

Some of the smarter soldiers from the Roland army also imagined to themselves. Perhaps, their enemy did not have that several soldiers.

“We were tricked!” The Regiment Commander roared. He then drew his sword and shouted, “Allow us strike back!”

Strike back?

The man’s subordinates looked at each other. Strike back?

They looked at the soldiers around themselves. Some had no armors although some had no weapons. Some of them did not even have the time to place on their pants. Those who had dropped their footwear while escaping had been presently regarded fortunate.

Strike back?

They turned around to search at the sound wall and the thick and heavy ironwood city gate as they asked themselves the exact same query. “Strike back?”

They may have seventy to eighty thousand soldiers. Nevertheless, every single two soldiers would need to share a sword. Besides that, about thirty folks would want to gather what they wore to barely make a total set of armor.

Aside from that, they had no equipment for a siege no catapults, no chariots, and not even ladders.

How do we attack them? Do you want our soldiers to bang their heads towards the city gate?

Kraft led the Lightning God’s Whip all around to inspect the city and they strangled any remaining Roland soldiers identified scattered in the city. Sieg led his soldiers to the Southern wall. Though they had won the battle at Thunder City, there was an urgent matter that they need to right away attend to. They need to quickly strengthen the Southern wall and the Southern gate of the city. That was due to the fact the primary force of the Roland army could launch a counter assault

Besides that, there may possibly have been some Roland soldiers that had escaped from the initial checkpoint that Sieg and the Wolf Fang had attacked, on the way right here. Those escaped soldiers may possibly have retreated in direction of the principal army in the Pamir Plain. In buy to expedite the surprise assault, Sieg did not chase them down. It would not have mattered. Every little thing was according to their plans. By the time the Roland soldiers reached the Pamir Plain, the Lightning God’s Whip would previously be extremely far away from them. By the time the primary Roland army arrived at Thunder City, it would have already been captured.

The crucial to this war was the timing.

Sieg brought his guys to the Southern wall to make preparations. He ordered Rody to continue to be at the North wall. Soon after all, Rody was presently the captain of the bodyguards of His Excellency the Duke. Even though he was just a captain, everyone knew the implications of becoming the captain of the Duke’s bodyguard. Apart from that, he had carried out effectively in the earlier battle.

Just prior to Sieg left, he stated, “I leave the North to you. Just be mindful of the Roland army outdoors of the city.”

Seeing Sieg leaving for the Southern wall with his males, Rody sighed with relief. Every time he stood near Sieg, he felt very nervous. Sieg was already also acquainted with the ‘Duke of the Tulip Family’ and Rody was afraid that he may carelessly reveal his identity. In truth, Rody had only utilized his golden fighting energy as soon as to break open the city gate. Nonetheless, ever because Sieg led his soldiers into the city, Rody no longer dared use the golden fighting energy again. He have to demonstrate that he only had the capacity of a Grade 5 swordsman.

With a sigh, Rody took his males up the wall.

Previously, he had fought a bloody battle towards the Roland army on that portion of the wall. Rody leaned on the wall as he looked out at the tens of thousands of defeated Roland army in the wilderness outside the city.

One of the officers from the Lightning God’s Whip could not assist but inquire, “Officer, what must we do with those Roland soldiers? Ought to we go out and destroy them?”

Rody shook his head and whispered, “There is no need for that… Right now, some of them are not even wearing pants! Just allow them die slowly on their personal. If we go out and destroy them, we will waste our power and resources. Either way, they would not be capable to attack us, so we can just allow them wait! The Roland army’s supplies would possibly consider many days to arrive. In these number of days, even if they do not starve to death, they would freeze to death.”

Rody paused for a minute ahead of he gave an order. “Let some of our squads watch from the top of the wall. The Roland soldiers will not be able to do something. As lengthy as they do not method the gate, they can do what ever they like. If anybody approaches the gate, shoot him with your arrows.”

Rody sighed as he looked at the sky flip brighter in the east. Rody then looked at the distance. North of the city was an open space and past that was the coastline.

Rody was not certain if it was a psychological or a normal response, but when he looked at the coastline, he felt his heart stir.

“Your Excellency…” The officer of the Lightning God’s Whip, behind Rody, saw him was in a daze and could not assist but contact out to him.

“Hm?” Rody instantly snapped out of his daze and asked, “What is incorrect?”

“Are you alright?”

Rody shook his head and frowned. “Absolutely nothing… it is just that for some reason, I have a odd and familiar feeling …” He softly murmured. Out of the blue, Rody’s eyes grew wide and he trembled. He then grabbed the wall and stuck his body out of the wall as he looked at the distance.

“Muse… Is that you?”

At that second, Muse was standing on the aft of a ship with her hands behind her back. The ship was currently a number of hundred meters from the shore. The waves rushed as the salty sea breeze blew. Nonetheless, Muse looked as if she was oblivious to it as she looked in direction of the south.

As they moved further away from Thunder City, the tall sturdy towers became smaller sized till it ultimately looked like a black spot.

“Appropriate now, he need to have previously captured Thunder City. What does he search like now? Will he nonetheless rudely and angrily call me a fool, like he utilised to?” Muse gently closed her eyes.

She slowly lifted her slender hands to get rid of her black hood from her head. The sea breeze blew and raised her extended and black hair. Muse could not help but lifted a single of her palms and emitted a ball of silver light.

The silver light shot up in the direction of the gray sky and lit up the darkness like a magnificent firework.

Muse looked up at the enormous apparition she had developed in the sky. It looked like a blooming tulip flower.

“Rody, if you see this tulip, come and appear for me in the Roland Continent!”

At the very same time, the Lightning God’s Whips who have been standing on the wall also saw the apparition of the tulip in the distant sky. The soldiers right away became vigilant. Are the Roland soldiers coming again? Are they the Roland sorcerers?

Only when Rody saw the apparition of the blooming tulip in the sky did he progressively calm down. It need to be her! It is undoubtedly her!

Rody smiled. He out of the blue stretched out his hand and patted the shoulder of the officer of the Lightning God’s Whip beside him. He then stated in a calm and firm voice, “Soon after passing by means of this strait, would we be in the Roland mainland?

That officer gave Rody a odd look and mentioned, “Your Excellency… Did not you see that in the sky?”

“I saw it.” Rody nodded and laughed. “Isn’t it stunning?”

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